T&E – Equipment To Aid Caring

An option for carers may be to install equipment around the house, this would make the environment a lot safer and easier to live in for their loved one. Not only does this give you a peace of mind but it also encourages independent living.

What changes can you make to a home

There are a variety of different ways you can adapt any home into being much safer and easier to live in. Every room has the ability to be changed into something more accessible, making both yours and your loved ones life a little easier.

Adaptations can be categorised into three sections: equipment, smaller adaptations and larger adaptations. These range from things like a raised toilet seat to installing a wet room instead of a standard bathroom.


Some examples of things you can purchase to aid you caring role are:

  • Perching stools
  • Non-slip mats
  • Single lever taps
  • Shower bench or bath board
  • Rails
  • Mobile commode
  • Chair raisers
  • Ramps or half steps for outside front doors
  • Widened doorways
  • Stair lifts