Online Chat

Online forums and chatrooms targeted at carers can be a great place to get advice and support. It can also be a great way of taking a break from your caring role to know that there are other people like you out there.

Feeling as though you are on your own is something many carers struggle with. By using an online forum that is for other adult carers, you could ease some of this strain by getting to know other people who are in similar positions.

There are a number of different forums out there that you can use, below are just a few that you can have a look at.

  • Carers FIRST’s Carer Forum

    This is a 24 hour forum that is for all carers over the age of 18. It is a great way of chatting to people who are in the same position as you can give and receive advice and support.

  • Carers UK

    Carers UK also have a forum set up where you can seek advice and information from other carers based on their experiences.

  • Gransnet’s Care and Carers Forum

    This is a great option for older carers to talk to like-minded people. Here you can discuss any problems you may be facing and how to overcome these issues using each other for support.

  • Simplyhealth Care Community

    This is a forum that is set up and run by peers. It boasts that the forum is community based and is a great place to share experiences and tips that may help others.

  • Sue Ryder Online Community

    If you are caring for someone who is dying or has recently passed away, the Sue Ryder Online Community is a great place to share your experiences. You are also given the chance to get things off your chest and have the ability to chat to people who are more likely to understand.