Getting Out and About – Community and Public Transport

Community and Public Transport could be a great option for those that struggle to get around due to not owning or having access to a vehicle.

Community Transport Schemes

There are many different local community transport schemes up and down the UK. They are there to help you get around if you or the person you care for struggles to use public transport or has a disability.

You can ask your Carer Advisor if there is a scheme set up in your local area. The schemes tend to include:

  • Community bus services – these run on set days and times
  • Dial-a-Ride – this service will pick you or the person you care for up from home in a minibus
  • Community car schemes – this service is volunteer led where they use their own vehicles to transport people who are less able around

Please note, there will be a charge for using any of these services. To find out more information on what the charge is, please contact our team or your local authority.


Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles can be another option for those that use a wheelchair. It enables the individual to still travel or drive whilst still using the wheelchair. This may be a great option for some people as it still allows them to be independent and travel as much as they want.

To find a WAV you can visit the Find a WAV website here where there are multiple options from hiring a vehicle to buying a new or used model.

Public Transport

You or the person you care for may be entitled to free or reduced fares when travelling on any kind of public transport. To check your eligibility you can contact our team who will go through your options with you or contact your local authority directly.